Over the last three decades, the United Arab Emirates have witnessed phenomenal growth. The evolution of the country from desert landscape to a technological, modernised nation is attributed to its wise and inspired leadership. The speed of development has been tremendous and only a very few specialised companies - Actco a leader amongst them - were able to support such massive development.

Actco was inaugurated particularly to meet the need for a specialized contracting company with the capability to adapt and respond quickly to rapid and rigorous market demands. Infrastructure was certainly an important catalyst towards creating the sort of development that aimed to improve life for all UAE citizens.

Since its inception, the name Actco has been connected to a number of landmark projects that not only contributed specifically to these now well-established infrastructures, but also to the high quality of life generally enjoyed across the Emirates. The diversity of Actco's capabilities, the breadth of the Company's experience and its in-depth knowledge of local requirements, standards and business practice, have enabled Actco to become a benchmark institution for achievement among the most specialised companies in the region.

Actco takes great pride in having had the opportunity throughout the last 35 years to be one of the major UAE contractors to assist in the professional execution of the country's development plans and to contribute to and share in the UAE success story.